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12 Foods To Lose Belly Fat

Without a doubt, diet is the most important component for losing belly fat. Not the latest workout fad. Not some powder, pill, or other supplement. Diet is the key to getting rid of your belly. It’s one thing to know that diet is key, but it’s another thing to know exactly what to eat. Below are 12 foods that you can’t go wrong with when trying to lose belly fat:

1. Broccoli. Loaded with Vitamin C and high in fiber, broccoli should be part of you weight loss diet. Stir fry it, steam it, or even microwave it – but be sure to include broccoli in your weight loss diet.
2. Spinach. A virtual vitamin powerhouse, spinach is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E. It is also a good source of calcium, iron, magnesium, and potassium. Spinach is great raw in a salad or sauteed with some olive oil and garlic.

3. Red Bell Pepper. Red bell peppers have almost three times the Vitamin C of oranges. Also high in the anti-oxidant lycopene, red bell peppers are great raw for a snack or to add color and nutrients to your stir fry or salad.
4. Kale. Another great source of Vitamin C, kale is also a good source of compounds with anti-cancer properties. Kale can add an intense flavor addition to salads or it works as a side dish when sauteed.
5. Asparagus. A good source of Vitamin B6, calcium, magnesium and zinc, asparagus can be cooked in a variety of ways. Try them grilled, stir fried, or even raw in a salad.

6. Beef. A great source of protein as well as the minerals zinc and iron, beef is a welcome addition to your fat loss diet. Go with grass fed naturally raised beef if it is available for you.
7. Eggs. Forget the bad rap about cholesterol that eggs have received in the past. Eggs (yolks and all) are protein packed and welcome to your fat loss diet.

8. Salmon. A great source of healthy fat and protein, salmon is a good choice when adding fish to your diet. Try salmon baked or grilled with fresh squeezed lemon.

9. Almonds. Rich in healthy fat and Vitamin E, almonds make the perfect snack. Just be sure to keep your portion sizes in check as they are also calorically dense.

10. Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Full of anti-oxidants and healthy fat, extra virgin olive oil is the perfect base for home made salad dressings. It is also a great ingredient for marinades for beef and chicken.
11. Blueberries. Very high in anti-oxidants, blueberries are perfect for the smoothie enthusiasts. Blueberries are also perfect for snacks, especially when combined with the almonds listed above.
12. Grapefruit. Grapefruit contains the fiber pectin, which can help suppress appetite. Whether part of a healthy breakfast or a quick snack, grapefruit is welcome to your fat loss diet.

The food you eat will have the most impact on losing your belly fat. It can be tempting to think that hitting the gym is all you need to do to lose weight, but the food you eat is most important. Be sure to include the 12 foods above when developing your weight loss nutrition plan.


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