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How Many Calories in an Avocado?

How Many Calories in an Avocado?
The avocado is known most commonly for being the main ingredient in guacamole. It originated in Mexico, but its popularity has spread all over the world. Not only is the avocado used in guacamole, but it can also be great as a spread for a sandwich or even cut up into pieces for a salad. Avocados can be mashed, creamed, or pureed depending on how you plan to eat it. They are grown in tropical climates throughout on most of the seven continents. Avocados can be recognized by their green skin and pear-like shape. A variety of juices and smoothies are made with avocados so you may have already tasted its deliciousness even if you didn’t know it.

Nutrition Facts
A single avocado has a whopping 322 calories. Remember not all avocados are the same size so calorie counts will [...]

paleo diet

What is the Paleo Diet?

What is the Paleo Diet?

The Peleolithic diet or Paleo diet has been gaining popularity in recent years, however this diet is far from a new fad.  As its name suggests, this diet is based on eating the foods that our caveman ancestors ate during the Paleolithic period which ended over 20,000 years ago.  For this reason, it is sometimes known as the caveman diet.

What Foods Can I Eat On the Paleo Diet?

The modern Paleo diet consists of meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, nuts (nut butters), and roots.  And the answer to the question of what CAN’T you eat on the Paleo diet: everything else.  Absolutely no grains, legumes, processed oils, refined sugars, or any dairy products.  So to translate, basically you can say goodbye to any bread, beans, chips, fried foods, candy, cheese, yogurt, pasta, milk.

The Reasoning Behind the Paleo Diet

The reasoning behind eating like [...]


How Many Calories in Broccoli?

How many calories in broccoli?
Broccoli, known for its tree-like look is part of the cabbage family. It originated in Europe thousands of years ago.While being grown, broccoli thrives in cool weather. There are a variety of ways to eat broccoli such as raw, steamed or boiled. My personal favorite and rare treat is broccoli with a tiny bit of ranch dressing (ranch dressing is high in fat and should not be eaten if you want to lose weight). Nonetheless, broccoli is a very nutritious snack that can go as a side to a meal or even in a salad.

Nutrition facts
Broccoli is very low in calories. One spear about 5” long is only 11 calories. One stalk (151 g) is only 51 calories. So no matter if you eat a piece or a lot of pieces the calories in-take is low. Keep in mind [...]

Dark Chocolate is a superfood

5 Superfoods You Should Be Eating

For many people, the immediate goal is to lose weight and gain a better physical appearance.  However, your overall goals should be to live a healthy lifestyle because if you can accomplish this, you will end up with a great looking body in the process.  Here, I’m going to give you a list of 5 ‘superfoods’ I recommend you start eating now to get yourself on the way to a healthy body.  Not only will these foods give your body the energy it needs to be active and burn fat, but they will lead you on a path to avoid diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.

Here they are (in no particular order):

Organ Meats
Here is why you need to start incorporating organ meats into your diet:  they are incredibly healthy and contain high concentrations on nutrients that are not found in other cuts of meat.  While [...]


How Many Calories in a Mango?

How Many Calories in a Mango?
The mango is a very popular (and tasty) fruit which grows on trees all over the world in tropical and sometimes even subtropical climates. Mangoes are an extremely versatile food and can be eaten fresh or as part of a variety of dishes such as salsas, chutneys and salads.  You can even throw one in your back pack or purse for a healthy snack while you’re ‘on the go.’

In ripe mangoes, the skin may be thicker and bitter tasting, so this is typically not eaten. Mangoes are a great snack that can leave you feeling refreshed on a hot summer day. The mango is the national fruit of multiple countries as well as a national symbol for others. This sweet and sometimes texturey fruit is a great choice whether you just want a snack or a topping on your frozen yogurt.