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intermittent fasting

The Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

What is Intermittent Fasting?

Over the last few decades, the conventional nutritional wisdom has advised those interested in losing weight to eat 4-6 small, but nutritious meals each day.  I’m sure you’ve also been told to ‘never skip breakfast’ or not eat any large meals.  Many people have lost weight according to these principles but would they be healthier and might they have lost more weight by doing it a different way? The answer is likely ‘yes.’

Welcome to the world of intermittent fasting.  The principles of intermittent fasting are very simple.  You just need to incorporate periods of fasting (not eating) in to your lifestyle. This does not mean starving yourself and you can still drink water during times of fast.  In fact, I highly recommend drinking a lot of water during your fast as you will not feel as hungry and water helps you [...]


How Many Calories in Yogurt? The Real Nutrition Facts

How many calories in yogurt?

Yogurt is a very popular, and tasty, food.  People eat it for breakfast, lunch and sometimes even with dinner.  There is frozen yogurt, greek yogurt, and even Gogurt.  First, yogurt is made by bacterial fermentation of milk.  This sounds much worse than it really is.  Yogurt is a great snack or light meal. Dating back hundreds of years, it used to have many other uses such as lotions and even medicinal applications. However, now we simply enjoy eating it. My personal favorite is plain yogurt with a little fresh fruit. Greek yogurt is very popular, but any plain yogurt tastes great and is a light food than leaves you feeling filled, hopefully for some time until your next meal. Some yogurt brands come with fruit or honey on the side which is convenient for consumption, but just be careful with the added sugar.



How Many Calories in Cheerios? The Real Nutrition Facts

How Many Calories are in Cheerios?

When I think of breakfast cereals the first thing that comes to mind is Cheerios. Cheerios, manufactured by the General Mills corporation are small ‘O’ shaped bits of whole grain oats. Their plain taste makes them the perfect snack.  Or, a great breakfast food to combine with fruits, vegetables or nut butters. However, as a carbohydrate they are not recommended for weight loss. It all started with the original Cheerios, but nowadays there are a variety of kinds of Cheerios which include multigrain , yogurt flavored, chocolate, apple flavored and don’t forget about the best tasting kind: Honey Nut Cheerios. Although, the different versions sound enticing, they all are carbohydrates and extra calories.

Nutrition facts

There are approximately 100 calories in a cup of cheerios (a little less than one bowl on average). However, if milk or fruit are added this will [...]


How Many Calories in a McFlurry? The Real McFlurry Nutrition Facts

How Many Calories in a McFlurry?
Hailing from the frozen dessert menu at McDonalds, the McFlurry is perhaps the tastiest item offered at the chain that has served over 1 billion people.  After scarfing down a big mac, supersize fries and a diet coke (just to be safe), you will probably be tempted to walk back up to the counter and order one last item: a McFlurry.  You will have quite a few choices when it comes to the flavor of your dessert; take your pick from m&m’s, Reese’s, Butterfinger, and Oreo cookie.  Ah, of course you’ve chosen Oreo cookie.  Everyone knows it’s the best choice.  You take your McFlurry to go and you sit in your car enjoying the first few spoonfuls of vanilla ice cream thoroughly blended with crushed Oreo cookies.  You know you feel guilty for eating McDonalds in the first place but how much worse did [...]


How Many Calories in Turkey? Should I Eat Turkey?

How Many Calories in Turkey?
When I think of turkey, I usually think of Thanksgiving. Well as much as I love eating turkey on Thanksgiving (and this day is no reason to gorge yourself).  I also eat it throughout the year. There’s nothing like a turkey sandwich (although I do not recommend bread very often if trying to lose weight) for lunch or a few slices of turkey as a late afternoon snack. Turkey is usually baked or roasted in the oven. It is sometimes deep fried in the South, but this is extremely unhealthy and I do NOT recommend deep frying anything. Turkey cold cuts are also very popular, easy to find in almost any major supermarket, and a snap to eat on the go.

Nutrition Facts
One slice (3-3.5” square) of turkey contains approximately 22 calories. Keep in mind that slices of turkey can [...]