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Alcohol And Fat Loss – What’s The Connection?


As you go about starting up on your fat loss diet plan, one question you might find yourself asking is whether or not this means you’re going to have to forgo all alcohol.

Most adults do like to relax after a hard day of work with an alcoholic beverage or have a drink or two when out with friends on the weekend.

Will you have to give this up if you want to reach your goals?

Let’s share with you the information that you should keep in mind regarding alcohol and fat loss.

Alcohol and Fat Loss

When Alcohol Enters The Body…
The very first thing you have to realize about alcohol and fat loss is the fact that as soon as alcohol enters into your system, all fat burning will come to an immediate halt.

Since alcohol is viewed as a toxic substance to the body, once it senses its presence, removing it is now going to be the top priority.

The body has little concern over the fact that you really want to fit into that size 4 in a couple weeks – it wants to protect your safety and that means getting that alcohol out of your body.

The more alcohol you consume, the longer this process will take, so just remember that each time you put a drink to your lips, you’re essentially putting fat burning on pause.

Alcohol And Calorie Intake
The next important thing to note is that alcohol is definitely not calorie-free.  Alcohol itself contains seven calories per gram, making it more calorie dense than both proteins and carbs and is often mixed with other ingredients that are very high in calories and sugar.

When you combine your drinks with a high-sugar mixer, then you’re going to get a flood of insulin coming into your system to deal with this sudden influx of sugar, which will then just carry all those calories into the fat stores for storage.

Most mixed drinks contain anywhere from 200-600 calories, so this can quickly offset your low calorie diet.

Plus, most people find that their will power goes down while drinking so while you may have been able to turn away from that basket of chicken wings or bowl of peanuts earlier, after a few drinks, it becomes much more difficult.

All these calories do add up and will quickly move you further away from your fat loss goals.

Alcohol And Recovery
Finally, the last important thing to keep in mind is the fact that alcohol will also hinder your recovery from your workout sessions.  Since protein synthesis, which is the act of repairing broken down muscle tissue and building up new tissue will also be halted when alcohol enters your system, this could mean it takes you longer to recover from each gym workout you do, increasing the down time you have to have between sessions.

If you’re not able to workout as often because you’re drinking regularly or your workouts are only done at half effort because you aren’t recovered, this too will negatively impact the results that you see.

The Verdict
So the verdict is that if you want to see the most optimal results from your fat loss efforts, do your best to avoid alcohol.

One or two drinks every now and then likely won’t be the end of the world if you do choose wisely and make sure to avoid other high calorie foods while having them, but if they’re a regular part of your week, you will be looking at decreased results because of it.



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