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Top Workout Myths

Top Workout Myths

As you get started with your workout program, there are a number of workout myths that you should be keeping in mind to ensure that you don’t fall for them and then fail to see results because of it. Many people are completely unaware of some of the major mistakes they’re making with their workout program and then question why they aren’t moving in the direction they had hoped.

By taking the time to learn the major workout myths that tend to come about, you can be sure that you steer clear of them so you can continue on the right path to success.

Let’s take a look at some of the main ones to know.

Light Weight Lifting Is Best For Fat Loss
The very first thing that you should note is that heavy lifting is what you want to be doing, not the lightweight lifting [...]

Weights to help you lose belly fat

The Top 5 Ways To Screw Up In The Gym

If you’ve been going about your gym workout routine for quite some time but are still not seeing the results that you hoped you achieve, it may be time to re-evaluate your approach and see if you aren’t making some big mistakes that are costing you your progress.
Many people do screw up in the gym, either with their program planning or their workout execution and this can get to be very frustrating if they aren’t seeing results because of it.

Let’s walk you through the top five ways that some people screw up in the gym so you can get a better idea what not to do so you can find yourself back on track again.

Perform Too Much Volume
The first mistake people make in the gym is really overdoing it when it comes to volume.  They perform set after set after set, [...]

Fat loss tips

The 3 Beginner Fat Loss Tips And The Number 1 Workout Mistake

As a beginner, you’re likely feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment with exactly what you should be doing with your workout and diet.  There’s no question that you’ve taken the time to put together a proper diet plan and workout program, but now as you progress through, you may be finding that you feel like you bit off more than you can chew.
Fortunately, fat loss doesn’t have to prove to be all that difficult if you can remember a few simple tips.
Let’s have a look at three great tips for the beginner as well as identify the top workout mistake that many beginners make.

Keep Your Diet Flexible
The very first tip to keep in mind is that you should aim to keep your diet as flexible as possible. Those who put themselves on a plan that utilizes far too many rules [...]

Pros and cons of Personal Trainers

Pros & Cons Of Having A Personal Trainer

If you’re getting ready to get started with your fitness routine, one thing that you very well might be considering is investing in a personal trainer. Having a personal trainer by your side to guide you as you move throughout your workouts can definitely prove to offer a number of advantages, especially for those who are new to exercise. But that said, if you don’t choose a personal trainer correctly or aren’t the right match with your trainer personality-wise, working with him or her may actually be detrimental to your progress.

Let’s have a quick look at the main pros and cons with regards to working with a personal trainer.

Pros To Working With A Trainer
First off, let’s look at some of the pros to working with a trainer.  One of the biggest benefits of using a personal trainer is most people will find that [...]

Best Workout for Women

Best Weight Loss Program For Women

If you’ve set the goal to firm up and increase your fitness level, then it’s time to take a look for the best weight loss program for women.  While the general underlying principles of fat loss are going to be very much the same for both males and females, there are a few small differences that apply specifically to women that you should know about. By structuring your weight loss program in the correct manner, you can address these differences and make sure that you get started on the right path to success. Let’s have a look at a few of the things to consider when creating the best weight loss program for women.


Lift Heavy During Strength Training Workouts
The very first thing that you must include in the best weight loss program for women is heavy strength training. Far too many females are still [...]