Cellulite Help Information

CELLULITE FACTS AND FICTION by Scientists for Consumer Truth Association (SCTA) and LoseBellyFat.com

With summer around the corner and thousands of cellulite creams and treatments to choose from what should you do? CELLULITE HELP INFORMATION:

  • Be careful with cellulite creams which make those unbelievable “50% cellulite reduction” and “lose inches” claims.  Watch out for ideal “before” and “after” photos.  Even with paid clinical studies backing results you shouldn’t expect to have the same results. 
  • Going to expensive cellulite massage clinics will get you visible results but these results are temporary and costly.  Massaging is still the best way to smooth away cellulite bumps, why not massage at home and save money.
  • Be careful with ephedra containing diet pills; many other safer fat burners are available with ingredients like chromium picolinate, vitamin B6 and ginseng.  These also help stimulate metabolism to aid in burning away fatty deposits.
  • Be weary of products which claim “no exercise required” this is a no-brainer, a good diet and exercise program will definitely help you achieve the best possible results in eliminating cellulite.
  • Cellulite is an ongoing battle; using a combination of diet, massage, cellulite gel and fat burning pills will gradualy get you long lasting results.  Don’t trust any one product or treatment to give you incredible results. 
  • …And especially DON’T trust those 48 hour cellulite reduction claims! 

We recommend a combination product called Metabolic Contour®.