The Definitive List Of 250+ Fad Diets 2011 (Ranked By Popularity)

Peak dieting season is fast approaching, and it got me thinking about which diet people are most likely to follow. So… I decided to rank them all by the number of searches they get in Google. It turns out the vast majority are fad diets (go figure).

Master Cleanse Diet

Beyonce = Master Cleanse Diet

Baby Food Diet - Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston = Baby Food Diet

Kim Kardashian - Macrobiotic Diet

Kim Kardashian = Macrobiotic Diet

HCG Diet Trend
By far the biggest gainer of the last 12 months has been the HCG diet, involving a controversial regimen of injections of HCG, which, I might add, is extracted from the urine of pregnant women.

It began 2010 as a blip on the diet radar, and is now the most searched for diet on the internet.

Without further ado, here’s a list of the Top 250 diets by December search volume in Google…

The Most Popular Diets On The Internet, Ranked By # Of Google Searches


Rank Diet What is it? # Google searches
1 HCG Diet Promises to help the dieter lose a pound a day. Formed by Dr. Simeons, it asserts that a hormone (HCG) found in a pregnant woman’s body increases fat metabolism. The diet involves a round of monthly injections of
2 Atkins Diet The Atkins Diet involves restriction of carbohydrates to more frequently switch the body’s metabolism from burning glucose as fuel to burning stored body fat. 503,000
3 South Beach Diet The South Beach Diet was originally designed for patients with cardiovascular problems. Often referred to as the healthier version of Atkins, it aims to create nutritional balance in meals. 478,000
4 Mediterranean Diet The Mediterranean diet is patterned after the habits of people in the Mediterranean region. The diet involves eating lots of vegetables, eating meat sparingly, using olive oil, and drinking red wine. 320,000
5 Low Carb Diet Foods high in digestible carbohydrate are limited or replaced with foods containing a higher percentage of proteins and fats, and other foods low in carbohydrate. 261,500
6 Detox Diet Detox, short for detoxification, is the removal of potentially toxic substances from the body. Often used as a short-term weight loss diet. 261,500
7 Gluten Free Diet The Gluten-free diet originally targetted mostly people suffering from celiac disease. Nowadays it is also a mainstream diet, reasoning that eliminating gluten improves digestive health and leads to fewer consumed calories. 209,000
8 Cabbage Soup Diet The cabbage soup diet is a crash diet for people aiming to lose 10 lbs in a week. An extremely low-calorie diet, it focuses on a meal plan with cabbage soup as the main dish in each meal. 209,000
9 Paleo Diet The Paleo Diet is a highly restrictive diet that mimics what is supposed to be our ancestors’ diet. It posits that the introduction of agriculture changed human eating habits dramatically. 159,500
10 Dukan Diet The Dukan Diet is a low-fat, low-carb and high-protein diet developed by nutritionist Pierre Dukan. The Dukan Diet was previously only available to French women before it was launched abroad. 159,500
11 Raw Food Diet Raw food advocates believe that heating food above 116 degrees F destroys enzymes that assist in the digestion and absorption of food. It is also thought to diminish the nutritional value and “life force” of food. 150,500
12 Liquid Diet Liquid diets control calorie intake by restricting what you eat to mostly or all liquids. Liquid diets contain a reduced — and often significantly reduced — number of calories. 114,700
13 Cambridge Diet The Cambridge Diet is a diet plan available only through exclusive distributors in the UK. It is a highly controversial, very low-calorie diet plan that is said to require medical supervision. 140,000
14 Acai Berry Diet There is no specific acai berry diet. The diet per se only means including the berry in one’s meals. The berry is said to be very high in antioxidants that detoxify the body and promote weight loss. 140,000
15 Zone Diet The Zone Diet, developed by Dr. Barry Sears, is a low-carb diet following the 40-30-30 formula. The formula means each meal should be 40% carbohydrates, 30% protein and 30% fat. 132,200
16 Lemonade Diet Originally developed by Stanley Burroughs in the 1940s, the lemonade diet is for cleansing rather than for weight loss. It involves fasting, consuming only water with lemon juice and maple syrup. 131,000
17 Special K Diet Special K is a low-fat diet program developed by the Kellogg’s cereal company. Here, dieters are supposed to eat the Special K cereal at breakfast and again at lunch or dinner for two weeks. 123,500
18 Blood Type Diet The blood type diet recommends restricting the consumption of certain food items depending on your blood type. The diet is supposed to promote weight loss and prevent allergies and infection. 114,500
19 3 Day Diet Surviving the test of time (from 1985), the 3 day diet is a regimented plan that must be followed exactly for 3 days at a time, followed by normal eating for four or five days before opting to resume the plan again. 114,500
20 Flat Belly Diet This is actually a book written by the editors of Prevention Magazine. Its angle is the addition of a monounsatured fat at every meal. 107,100
21 Dash Diet DASH stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. Although the DASH diet is originally designed for patients with blood pressure problems, it has weight loss as a delightful side effect. 93,600
22 Abs Diet David Zinczenko’s diet plan provides typical information on exercise and strength training, building muscle and a lean protein diet. It is basically repackaged information on weight loss. 88,800
23 Candida Diet The Candida Diet aims to reduce yeast infections by controlling what you eat. 87,600
24 High Protein Diet High-protein diets have become a popular way to lose weight because emerging research has hinted that protein may be able to satisfy hunger better than either fats or carbohydrates. 82,700
25 Low Fat Diet The Cochrane Review found low fat diets to be no more effective than other weight loss diets in achieving lasting weight loss. More and more people are coming round to the fact that fat doesn’t make you fat. 78,600
26 Grapefruit Diet The grapefruit diet is a low-calorie diet plan that takes advantage of the health benefits one can get from eating grapefruit. Grapefruit is included in every meal. 76,600
27 Cookie Diet Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet is designed to act as a supplement to other diet programs. The special cookies are meant to curb hunger which Dr. Siegal theorized is the reason why diets fail. 67,600
28 Biggest Loser Diet The Biggest Loser Club is a subscription-only diet program. It is based on the popular reality show The Biggest Loser and promotes the show’s weight loss techniques. 67,600
29 Mayo Clinic Diet The official Mayo Clinic Diet aims to promote weight loss by promoting good health. This is achieved by developing healthy eating and exercising habits and by being conscious of what one eats. 62,700
30 Alkaline Diet The Alkaline diet is a diet based on the theory that certain foods, when consumed, leave an alkaline residue.In general, the diet involves eating certain fresh citrus and other low-sugar fruits. Such a diet is alleged to help to maintain the balance of the slight alkalinity (7.35-7.45) of blood without stressing the body’s regulators of acid-base homeostasis. 58,600
31 1200 Calorie Diet The idea behind the diet is if a person’s calorie intake is less than their calorie usage, they will lose weight. It does not have food restrictions as long as calorie intake is limited to 1200. 55,300
32 Ketogenic Diet The diet mimics aspects of starvation by forcing the body to burn fats rather than carbohydrates. Normally, the carbohydrates contained in food are converted into glucose, which is then transported around the body and is particularly important in fuelling brain function. However, if there is very little carbohydrate in the diet, the liver converts fat into fatty acids and ketone bodies. 52,600
33 Macrobiotic Diet A macrobiotic diet involves eating grains as a staple food supplemented with other food stuffs such as vegetables and beans, and avoiding the use of highly processed or refined foods. This isn’t a fad diet. 51,200
34 Juice Diet A juice fast is a type of detox diet. A juice fast involves the short-term intake of raw vegetable and fruit juice and water only. Proponents of juice fasting use juice because it’s thought to be a good source of vitamins and antioxidants. 48,600
35 P90x Diet The P90X diet plan is a 13-week program that targets bodybuilders. The program has three phases: the first focuses on fat loss, the second focuses on building energy and the third trains endurance. 47,900
36 Scarsdale Diet Though published in the 1970s, the Scarsdale Diet is still one of the most popular diet systems to date. It is designed to restrict calorie intake with the purpose of losing 20 lbs in two weeks. 41,900
37 Rice Diet The Rice Diet is a wellness program based in Durham, North Carolina. Ricers, the affectionate term for those following the Rice Diet Solution, eat more than just rice — but not much. Though rice is part of the plan, it is one of 30 foods available at any given meal. 41,200
38 The Kind Diet This is a vegan diet created by Alicia Silverstone. She suggests three levels of changing into Living in the Kind Life – from Flirting, via Going Vegan, to Becoming a Superhero. 39,200
39 Every Other Day Diet The Every Other Day Diet works around the premise that alternately eating normally for a day and eating very lightly on the next will help people lose weight without feeling deprived. 39,200
40 Eat Clean Diet The Eat Clean Diet recommends giving up processed food items in favor of homemade “clean” food made from ingredients as close to their natural state as possible. 39,200
41 Medifast Diet The Medifast diet plan is a low-calorie diet that involves meal replacement products. Tested by the John Hopkins Weight Management Center, it is one of the most successful diet plans today. 37,000
42 High Fiber Diet Making fiber the focus of your diet is thought to reduce the amount you eat, because the extra fiber makes you feel more full, for longer. 37,000
43 Sacred Heart Diet The Sacred Heart Diet is a popular fad diet whose origins are unknown. It is largely soup-based, and it claims to help people lose up to 17 pounds in the first week. 37,000
44 Slim Fast Diet The Slim Fast diet naturally revolves around the use of the Slim Fast shakes. The premise is that meal replacement products help you lose weight, primarily because it simplifies your diet, and helps control calories. 35,200
45 Master Cleanse Diet The Master Cleanse diet is another term for the Lemonade diet and the Maple Syrup diet, is a detox diet requiring you to drink water with fresh lemon and maple syrup. Beyonce mentioned she used this diet to lose weight for her role in Dreamgirls, and this has caused a resurgance for the diet, which is over 40 years old. 34,300
46 Jillian Michaels Diet Jillian Michaels is best known for being the trainer in The Biggest Loser. Her online weight loss program stresses the importance of exercise, proper diet, and behavioral modification. 28,800
47 Elimination Diet An elimination diet is a method of identifying foods that an individual cannot consume without adverse effects. Adverse effects may be due to food allergy, food intolerance, other physiological mechanisms or a combination of these. 28,800
48 4 Day Diet Dr. Ian K. Smith’s diet presents you with seven diet modules that will dictate what you will eat for four days in the next seven weeks. Each module focuses on a specific area of wellness. 28,800
49 Paleolithic Diet The Paleo Diet is a highly restrictive diet that mimics what is supposed to be our ancestors’ diet. It posits that the introduction of agriculture changed human eating habits dramatically. 28,000
50 Low Glycemic Diet In this diet you try to eat things low on the glycemic index, because they take a long time for your body to convert to sugar, and hence help regulate your blood sugar and insulin levels more than high glycemic foods. 28,000
51 Warrior Diet The Warrior Diet is meant to mimic how warriors in ancient times ate – lightly during the day and heavily at night. It is a three-phase program that involves detoxification, exercise and nutrition. 26,200
52 Fat Burning Diet The Fat Burning Diet aims to stabilize metabolism by alternating one day of low-carb eating with one day of high-carb eating to increase energy and trick the body into using stored fat for energy. 26,200
53 Banana Diet The banana diet is a simple diet that requires only four things: eating only bananas for breakfast, eating dinner before 8pm, skipping dessert before bedtime, and sleeping before midnight. 26,200
54 Hollywood Diet The Hollywood Diet is essentially a juice fast where one can theoretically lose 10 lbs in 48 hours. 24,700
55 Baby Food Diet Created by celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson and linked to celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, the diet involves eating 14 servings of baby food a day followed by a healthy adult dinner. 24,700
56 Fat Smash Diet The Fat Smash diet is a 90 day program used by popular TV show Celebrity Fit Club. It involves 4 Phases: Detox, Foundation, Construction and the Temple. 23,500
57 7 Day Diet The Seven Day Diet is a fad that continues to circulate despite being very unbalanced. This diet is a simple 7 day plan that emphasizes a different food group each day. The origin of this diet is unknown. 23,500
58 5 Factor Diet Harley Pasternak’s diet program recommends eating meals made of five ingredients five times a day, as well as working out five times a week using five exercise routines. 22,900
59 Weight Watchers Diet Weight Watchers is one of the most successful diet programs in history. It offers not just meal plans but also helps change behaviors and habits that lead to weight loss. 22,500
60 Glycemic Index Diet In this diet you try to eat things low on the glycemic index, because they take a long time for your body to convert to sugar, and hence help regulate your blood sugar and insulin levels more than high glycemic foods. 21,400
61 Tapeworm Diet Importing or selling tapeworms is now illegal in the states. Back in the ’50s they used to ingest tapeworms as a weight loss measure. Basically the tapeworm eats most of what you ingest! 16,500
62 Apple Cider Vinegar Diet What people call the Apple Cider Vinegar Diet is simply the act of consuming 1-3 teaspoons tonic before each meal in the hope of losing weight. There is very little (if any) evidence proving that this is effective. 16,500
63 Egg Diet Has all the hallmarks of a popular fad diet – rumors of celebrities using it for movie roles, limiting yourself to only a few food items a day (obviously eggs for this one). This is a ketogenic diet where you starve your body of carbohydrate. 15,700
64 Negative Calorie Diet The negative calorie diet works on the premise that some food items like complex carbohydrates use up energy at least equal to their calorie content. This creates the negative calorie effect. 15,300
65 Hormone Diet The Hormone Diet is developed by Dr. Michael Aziz. He identifies 10 hormones that affect the body’s overall health. Weight loss and good health is achieved by balancing these 10 hormones. 15,000
66 Best Life Diet The Best Life diet program is a three-phase system where dieters are taught not just the value of proper nutrition but of supporting a healthy lifestyle. 15,000
67 British Heart Foundation Diet Also known as the Greenlane diet, the British Heart Foundation diet claims it is possible to lose 10 lbs in three days by restricting calorie intake to only 700 calories. 14,700
68 Fat Flush Diet The Fat Flush Diet is a combined detoxification and weight-loss diet where calorie consumption is severely restricted to boost metabolism, lose fat and reduce water retention. 14,300
69 Anabolic Diet The Anabolic Diet is designed for bodybuilders who want to accelerate their body’s fat-burning activity without losing muscle mass. This is the earlier version of the Metabolic Diet. 14,300
70 Sonoma Diet The Sonoma Diet is a derivation of the Mediterranean diet. The program comes in three “waves.” It also identifies so-called “power foods” and includes these in the meal plan. 13,500
71 Jenny Craig Diet Jenny Craig is a franchised fitness center with prepackaged foods. It is a three-level program where one learns what triggers their overeating and how to control their meal portions. 13,500
72 Slimming World Diet Slimming World is the largest UK-based weight loss organization. Similar to Weight Watchers, it involves meal plans and group support via monthly meetings. 13,500
73 Feingold Diet The Feingold diet is a food elimination program developed by Ben Feingold to treat hyperactivity. It eliminates a number of artificial colors, aspartame and artificial flavors. 12,500
74 Specific Carbohydrate Diet 11,700
75 Blue Zones National Geographic explorer Dan Buettner developed Blue Zones as the result of a study on what makes people in certain regions of the world live long, healthy and happy lives. 11,700
76 Bernstein Diet The Bernstein Diet is a clinic-based diet program. Patients are educated on proper nutrition and habits affecting weight loss. They are also administered vitamin and mineral supplement injections. 11,500
77 Idiot Proof Diet The Idiot-Proof Diet is a three-phase, low-carb and high-protein diet similar to Atkins. It puts additional emphasis on eating fresh produce and avoiding processed or refined food items. 11,000
78 Oatmeal Diet The oatmeal diet is a two-phase diet where one is required to eat nothing but oatmeal during the first week and then including oatmeal in regular meals afterwards. 11,000
79 Jackie Warner Diet The Jackie Warner Diet is a weight loss program where one should experience quick weight loss but without too much exercise or deprivation. It aims to change body chemistry by eating certain foods. 11,000
80 CSIRO Diet The CSIRO diet was developed by Australian research company CSIRO based on a study involving women in a low-fat and high-protein diet. 11,000
81 Ornish Diet Ornish counsels that we will find success not by restricting calories, but by watching the ones we eat. He breaks this down into foods that should be eaten all of the time, some of the time, and none of the time. 10,500
82 Metabolism Diet This is a 7 day diet designed to increase your metabolism. According to the Metabolism Diet, if you eat certain foods in certain quantities at certain times, you should be able to boost your metabolism and lose weight. 10,500
83 Subway Diet There is no official “Subway Diet”; the story only chronicles the journey of Jared Fogle, a man who successfully lost weight while eating mostly low-carb Subway sandwiches. 10,200
84 Hollywood Cookie Diet Another celebrity-endorsed fad diet. Mandy Moore and Kelly Clarkson claim to lose weight by eating cookies. The only way it works is by calorie restriction, but you are replacing full meals with cookies! 10,200
85 Herbalife Diet This is an expensive meal-replacement program, costing between $4-$5 a day just for the supplements. You substitute meals for the supplements, and so it works by calorie restriction. 10,200
86 Perricone Diet This isn’t focused on weight loss, but instead requires a regimin of cosmetics and supplements designed to help you look younger and reverse the ageing process. 9500
87 Body Ecology Diet The diet is based on the concept that our bodies have a natural balance of microorganisms that are involved in a range of functions in the body. 9500
88 Chocolate Diet The Chocolate Diet is a low-calorie diet primarily aimed to help people break their chocolate addiction and lose weight by addressing chocolate cravings. 9000
89 Hallelujah Diet The Hallelujah Diet is a vegan diet developed by Rev. George M. Malkmus based on what he believes to be the way God intended people to eat. The meal plan consists of 80% raw food and 20% cooked food. 9000
90 Okinawa Diet The Okinawa diet is a nutrient-rich, low-calorie diet from the indigenous people of the Ry_ky_ Islands. The principal focus of the diet consists of knowing how many calories per gram each food item contains. 8300
91 Fit For Life Diet Fit for Life (FFL) is a diet and lifestyle stemming from the principles of natural hygiene, an offshoot of naturopathic medicine. It is promoted mainly by the American writers Harvey and Marilyn Diamond. 8300
92 100 Mile Diet This diet is an offshoot of the book. In the book, the authors recount their experiences, including motivations and challenges, on restricting their diet, for one year, to include only foods grown within 100 miles of their residence. 8300
93 Dr Bernstein Diet 7900
94 Sugar Busters Diet The Sugar Busters diet is based on the glycemic index and advocates stopping sugar intake to get rid of the fat. It also restricts carb intake; only high-fiber vegetables and fruits are allowed. 7800
95 O2 Diet On The O2 Diet plan, instead of counting calories, you count ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) points. This number reflects the antioxidant activity of foods as defined by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. 7800
96 Alternate Day Diet In the Alternate Day Diet, one day is considered an “up day” and the following one a “down day.” You don’t need to diet on up days, but you need to restrict calories strictly on down days. 7800
97 3 Hour Diet Jorge Cruise recommends eating every three hours to stabilize the body’s metabolism. This means eating five small meals a day, making sure that each meal is balanced. 7300
98 Shangri La Diet Psychology professor Seth Roberts asks a simple question most weight-loss experts haven’t thought to tackle: What makes people hungry? 7300
99 Hay Diet The Hay Diet is a nutrition method developed by the New York physician William Howard Hay in the 1920s, and is still popular today. It claims to work by separating out food groups into those which are “alkaline, acidic and neutral”. 7000
100 Low Glycemic Index Diet 6500
101 Suzanne Somers Diet 6000
102 Karl Lagerfeld Diet 6000
103 Anti Aging Diet 6000
104 Eat To Live Diet 5500
105 Crohns Diet 5300
106 Duke Diet 5280
107 Kosher Diet 5200
108 Sensa Diet 4900
109 Peanut Butter Diet 4800
110 Food Combining Diet 4800
111 Man Diet 4790
112 La Weight Loss Diet 4600
113 Optifast Diet 4500
114 Montignac Diet 4500
115 New York Diet 4480
116 No Flour No Sugar Diet 4200
117 Fast Food Diet 4200
118 I Diet 4080
119 Beck Diet 3920
120 Rosedale Diet 3900
121 Curves Diet 3900
122 Beverly Hills Diet 3900
123 Oprah Diet 3780
124 Gain Weight Diet 3700
125 Fat Loss 4 Idiots Diet 3700
126 Osteoporosis Diet 3500
127 Coconut Diet 3400
128 Step Diet 3380
129 No S Diet 3200
130 Smart For Life Cookie Diet 2990
131 Lindora Diet 2990
132 Protein Power Diet 2900
133 Longevity Diet 2900
134 Glycemic Impact Diet 2900
135 Fruit Flush Diet 2900
136 Breast Cancer Diet 2900
137 Stillman Diet 2780
138 Master Cleanser Diet 2780
139 Elemental Diet 2780
140 Seven Day Diet 2620
141 Beauty Diet 2620
142 Pescetarian Diet 2600
143 Flat Abs Diet 2600
144 Makeover Diet 2491
145 Big Breakfast Diet 2490
146 21 Day Diet 2490
147 Volumetrics Diet 2480
148 Fruitarian Diet 2480
149 Flexitarian Diet 2480
150 No Grain Diet 2320
151 Low Starch Diet 2320
152 Dancers Diet 2320
153 Buddhist Diet 2300
154 New Me Diet 2220
155 Glycemic Load Diet 2190
156 100 Calorie Diet 2180
157 Ultrasimple Diet 2080
158 Instinct Diet 2080
159 Kimkins Diet 2020
160 Prostate Diet 1890
161 Anti Estrogenic Diet 1890
162 Rastafarian Diet 1880
163 Eat Stop Eat Diet 1880
164 Reverse Diet 1780
165 Skinny Switch Secret Diet 1710
166 Core Balance Diet 1690
167 Anne Collins Diet 1620
168 Sunfood Diet 1560
169 Never Say Diet 1480
170 Lunch Box Diet 1480
171 Fast Track Detox Diet 1480
172 Junk Food Diet 1470
173 Inuit Diet 1470
174 Omega Diet 1390
175 Mucusless Diet 1390
176 Hip And Thigh Diet 1390
177 Michael Thurmond Diet 1360
178 Carbohydrate Addicts Diet 1360
179 Diabetes Dtour Diet 1320
180 Hilton Head Metabolism Diet 1270
181 World Peace Diet 1200
182 Maker’s Diet 1200
183 Food Doctor Diet 1200
184 Fat Resistance Diet 1200
185 Metabolic Balance Diet 1200
186 Smart For Life Diet 1140
187 Three Hour Diet 1110
188 Living Food Diet 1110
189 Little Black Dress Diet 1110
190 Greenlane Diet 1110
191 Get Lean Diet 1110
192 F Plan Diet 1110
193 Cardio Free Diet 1110
194 Best Bet Diet 1110
195 Natural Foods Diet 1070
196 Israeli Army Diet 1070
197 Yoga Body Diet 980
198 Real Food Diet 980
199 Halal Diet 980
200 Frozen Food Diet 980
201 Supermarket Diet 930
202 Detox For Women 930
203 Bodytrim Diet 930
204 Organic Food Diet 910
205 Hacker’s Diet 910
206 5 Day Miracle Diet 910
207 You Are What You Eat Diet 870
208 On-Line Diets 870
209 3 Apple A Day Diet 870
210 Ultimate Tea Diet 850
211 Hamptons Diet 850
212 Hungry Girl Diet 800
213 Facial Analysis Diet 800
214 New Beverly Hills Diet 760
215 No Fad Diet 730
216 Weight Down Diet 710
217 Slim4life Diet 710
218 Shapeworks Diet 710
219 Seattle Sutton Diet 710
220 Marilu Henner Diet 710
221 Breatharian Diet 710
222 Crack The Fat Loss Code Diet 690
223 400 Calorie Fix Diet 690
224 Martha’s Vineyard Diet 650
225 Simple Weight Loss Diet 650
226 Jerusalem Diet 650
227 6 Week Body Makeover Diet 650
228 Acid Alkaline Diets 640
229 Younger Thinner You Diet 600
230 Bread For Life Diet 600
231 Realage Diet 580
232 Nutrisystems Diet 580
233 Pocket Diet 571
234 Park Avenue Diet 530
241 Eating For Life Diet 520
235 Flavor Point Diet 500
236 Spectrum Diet 481
237 Naturally Thin Diet 470
238 Change One Diet 470
239 Live Food Factor 463
240 Omnivore Diet 460
241 Green Smoothies Diet 460
242 Wall Street Diet 430
243 Personality Type Diet 430
244 Dr Hay Diet 430
245 Tracy Anderson Method Diet 420
246 Super Cleanse Diet 420
247 Neanderthin Diet 420
248 Vice Busting Diet 400
249 Bob Harper Diet 400
250 Master Your Metabolism Diet 380
251 Gotti Diet 370
252 Leptin Diets 340
253 Ali Vincent Diet 340
254 Beyond The 120 Year Diet 320
255 My Big Fat Greek Diet 310
256 Good Calories Bad Calories Diet 310
257 South Beach Supercharged Diet 283
258 Sugar Solution Diet 280
259 Ovo Lacto Vegetarian Diet 280
260 Personality Diet 261
261 Joel Fuhrman Diet 261
262 Gorgeously Green Diet 243
263 Gene Smart Diet 243
264 Martini Diet 216
265 Sparkpeople Diet 213
266 Maqui Berry Diet 213
267 Inside Out Diet 213
268 Hershberg Diet 213


  • I use search data from Google’s keyword tool to get the latest search data stats.
  • I added together both the phrase match and the exact match searches to get the above totals. This was the easiest way to take overall search behavior into account.
  • All phrases end with the word “Diet” for continuity of results. For example, the term ‘weight watchers’ would top this list, and is indeed the most popular diet program in the world. But not all searches for Weight Watches are necessarily for their diet, and as such it comes in much lower on the list.

Seasonal Changes In Diet Searches On Google

Diet Trends Seasonal

Search volume for Diets peaks at the start of January every year.

One thing is for sure. The fad diet is here to stay, and the above numbers are underestimates of search volume.

Unsurprisingly (as the graph to the left shows) there’s an upsurge of google searches for the term “diet” every year around the end of December/start of January.

What are your thoughts? If you’re honest with yourself, are you drawn in by the claims of these fad diets, even though you probably know they are too good to be true?

Are you willing to put yourself through the headaches, the irratibility and the malnutrition all in the pursuit of losing a few pounds? I’d love to hear your thoughts.