eat stop eatDoomed To Fail?

What would you say if someone told you that every one of today’s most popular weight-loss diets is ultimately doomed to fail?  That’s what you’ll find out if you read nutritional expert Brad Pilon’s book, ‘Eat Stop Eat’. It’s a radical new approach to losing weight and staying fit that uses intermittent fasting to burn off fat without dieting.

According to the Eat Stop Eat program, we can throw away the diet books, toss the weight loss supplements and ditch the appetite suppressants

.  Here are the reasons diets don’t work:

  • They’re too restrictive – Nobody wants to completely banish certain foods from their diet.
  • They’re too complicated – Nobody wants to run their life around what they can and can’t eat.
  • They’re too hard to maintain – Today’s culture makes tempting and delicious food available to us everywhere we go.

So who is this guy Brad Pilon?

How did Brad Pilon (pictured below) come up with this revolutionary fitness program that banishes dieting?  First, he spent years working as a nutritional specialist for one of the major worldwide supplement companies.

brad pilonAfter years of researching every diet and supplement known to man, he realized that none of them worked when it came to keeping off the pounds.  He knew that he needed to devote his full energy toward finding out the truth about burning off fat and keeping it off.  He researched and read hundreds of dieting books, nutrition textbooks and research papers.  This is what he discovered:

There are two basic truths when it comes to diet:

  • FED – Eating and storing calories
  • FASTED – Not eating and burning the calories we’ve stored

Does this apply to me?

The alternation between being fed and fasted is the natural state of animals in the wild.  They eat as much as they can when food is available and fast when food is unavailable.  This feeding/fasting rotation was most likely the natural state of early humans and is also the way our bodies function most effectively.

What’s the problem with the way we eat?  We spend too much time being fed and not enough time fasting.  Actually, to be accurate, most of us spend NO time fasting.

The plentiful array of food presented to us offers constant eating opportunities – and eat we do, not only three times a day, but many times in between.  But because our bodies are programmed to store fat and we don’t burn off that fat through fasting or adequate exercise, we get fat!  Even the experts agree with this premise.  It’s hard to disagree in light of fact that we have an obesity epidemic despite the billions of dollars spent yearly on the latest fad diets and weight-loss products.

Does Eat Stop Eat work?

Brad makes a convincing case for his Eat Stop Eat fitness program, citing a wide array of reputable research studies and statistics to back it up.  If you thought short-term fasting was bad for your health, studies show short-term fasting had absolutely NO negative effects on the following:

  • • Blood sugar
  • • Mental function
  • • Muscle mass
  • • Hormones
  • • Ability to exercise

In fact, the opposite is true: short-term fasting has a myriad of positive effects on overall health.  Medical studies of Mormons who fast weekly as part of their religious faith show that not only do they keep the pounds off, many of their physical functions, such as heart health and beneficial hormone levels are much higher than the norm.

How does Eat Stop Eat work?  It combines sensible eating with one or two days of fasting weekly as a way to lose weight and keep it off.  And, you can exercise, even while fasting.

guarantee for eat stop eat brad pilonGuarantee and Refund

Brad Pilon gives you a full 8 weeks to try out Eat Stop Eat risk free.  If you’re not 100% satisfied, you’ll get a full refund no questions asked.  He must be pretty confident that you’ll be successful if he’s willing to give you all your money back. 

I highly recommend the Eat Stop Eat program as a highly effective way to not only lose weight, but to increase your vitality, fitness and overall health.  And with the 100% 8 week Moneyback Guarantee, you really have nothing to lose.

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