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Eating 8 Eggs A Day Makes You Skinny

Several EggsI personally eat 8 eggs almost every day with breakfast. And I highly recommend you do too. Just to put this into context, I maintain single-digit body fat for most of the year. And this isn’t DESPITE me eating all those eggs. Eating those eggs HELPS me keep the fat belly off.

I eat 8 eggs total every morning. 2 Whole Eggs + 6 Egg Whites

But that’s 14 egg yolks a week. Yikes! You must be thinking I’m mad. Far from it. You’ve probably heard time and time again that the yolk is the unhealthiest part of the egg, right? Wrong! This is misinformation based on the perpetuation of outdated 1980s nutritional advice. While science has come a long way since then, popular opinion hasn’t!

The yolk is the healthiest part of the egg!
If you throw out your egg yolks, you are throwing out most of the nutritional density of the egg.90% of the eggs nutritional profile comes from the yolk. It’s packed full of B-vitamins, trace minerals, vitamin A, folate, choline leutein and other great nutrients. The white of the egg is almost completely devoid of nutrition (more on that in a moment).

But egg yolks will sky-rocket my cholesterol!

Firstly, by eating dietary cholesterol, your body down-regulates its internal production of cholesterol. Your body is very good at balancing things out. Second, eating whole eggs actually raises your good HDL cholesterol.

Cholesterol is a very important substance which your body uses to repair cells and carry out other vital functios.
The drug companies are pushing sales of Statins hard, and in order to do so, spread propaganda about the dangers of cholesterol. Scary but true.

But won’t the yolks make me fat? No. In fact, they do the opposite. There are studies which studies people who ate cereals and bagels for breakfast versus people who ate egg breakfasts. The results showed that the eggs eaters lose or maintained a healthier bodyweight, while the cereal/bagel eaters gained weight.

Why is this?
Even though eggs yolks do contain more calories than just the egg whites, the yolks high a much higher micro-nutrient density, so you’re increasing your overall nutrient density per calorie you consume. What this does is essentially regulate your appetite for the remainder of the day, so you end up eating less calories. Remember, you’ve got to get your calories from SOMEWHERE. So make sure you get them from nutritionally-dense food. Besides, losing weight is just as much to do with hormonal balances than it is about calories. And the healthy fats in the egg yolks help to maintain a good level of fat-burning hormones in your body.
Overall, this means that egg yolks help increase your body’s fat-burning capabilities.

Add the six egg whites for an extra protein kick

  • They are less nutritionally dense, so really you can eat as many as you like!
  • The protein is a really safe source of calories. Your body easily uses – and doesn’t store – the amino acids.
  • It makes you feel like you are eating a big breakfast – always a good psychological trick.

How to eat the eggs

Scramble them, grind some pepper over the top (I like to add some hot sauce) and you’re ready to go in less than 3 minutes. If you’re kinda lazy like me, save yourself the hassle of separating out the yolks and buy the egg whites in cartons. My favorite  are the Quick Whites from Trader Joe’s. I pour in about half a carton each morning, which is equivalent to 6 egg whites.

Now you can smile smugly at yourself whenever you hear a fitness professional or ‘nutritionist’ poo-poo the egg yolk in favor of egg whites. Common knowledge is often wrong, and particularly so in the case of eggs. They get a bad rep. Make them a staple of your breakfast right away.


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