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Can you lose fat by dieting every other day?
The Every Other Day Diet or EODD for short, has been one of the bestselling weight loss programs for years now. Thousands of people have had success with this program.  It was created by Jon Benson, with the help of trainers Holly Rigsby and Daniel Hopkins. Originally, they set out to create a diet program that would help people lose weight without going through all the changes and stress accompanied by most new diets.

Many diet plans rely on dieters to drastically reduce calories and eliminate many foods. This is tough for anybody to do especially for long periods of time. And this is the main reason why people have trouble staying on diets and end up quitting and gaining back all the weight immediately. This is where the Every Other Day Diet promises to make dieting easier.

What is the Every Other Day Diet?
As the name suggests, the Every Other Day Diet is exactly that, but there’s a little more science and research behind this madness.  One day, you’ll eat mostly proteins and fats..you know a healthy day filled with chicken, beef, fish, and vegetables.  This is your ‘diet’ day.  The next day, you can pretty much eat whatever you like, within reason…nobody ever lost weight eating tons of McDonalds.  Jon calls these ‘burn days’ when you take in fewer calories, and ‘feed days’ when you take in more calories than you need.  This concept is known as ‘caloric cycling’ and is very effective in fat loss.

jon benson old jeansWho is Jon Benson?
Jon Benson used to be an obese couch potato.  He changed his lifestyle and is now an active lifecoach and notable fitness authority figure online.  Jon is a bestselling author and graduate of MIT.  He studied nutrition at the famous Cooper Clinic in Dallas, TX and is currently working on his Masters in Nutrition.

What You Get With The Program

  • The Every Other Day Diet eBook
  • The Perfect Posture in 30 Days book
  • Cholesterol Lies book
  • Hormones 101 book
  • A full year of one-on-one support for any questions you may have
  • One year of motivational tips sent directly to your email box
  • New recipes sent to you every week.
  • A fitness hypnosis audio CD to keep you motivated.  Jon is a motivational genius and this is a very valuable part of the program.

What I DON’T Like About EODD

  • It takes time to lose weight on this program.  You will have to work hard.
  • Requires a lot of willpower ‘every other day’
  • You must be willing to put in the effort necessary to lose fat without dangerous diet pills or starvation diets.

What I DO Like About EODD

  • I got a lot of ‘stuff’ with the program.  Hundreds of pages of information but nothing was too scientific.  It was easy to understand and I got started immediately
  • It didn’t interfere with my daily life and I could always fit the workouts into my schedule
  • It kept me motivated.  Knowing that I could have pizza tomorrow is way better than never being allowed to eat it again
  • I never had to count calories
  • I got to eat my favorite foods ‘every other day’
  • He gives plenty of food options–I’m a picky eater
  • 60 day money back guarantee just in case you don’t get the results you were looking for

Does it work?
The Every Other Day Diet has worked for thousands of people so you know it can work for you too.  I believe that if you put in the time working out and follow the nutrition guidelines, you will lose weight with EODD.  As I mentioned earlier, Jon Benson is also a motivational coach and this is a common theme in the program.  He keeps you focused on your goal and gives you the motivation to work out each day.  Most people fail on diet plans because they quit within the first few days.  What makes EODD so great is that Jon makes it so that you’ll want to stay on the program.

Who is it NOT for?
EODD is NOT for someone looking to lose 23lbs. before this weekend.  If you are looking for a magic pill or quick fix to lose weight, this is NOT the program for you.  Also, if you are morbidly obese (over 400 lbs.) you likely will not be able to perform any of the exercises in the program.  It is also not for anybody looking to build muscle mass.  While you will tone your muscles, this is a fat loss program, NOT musclebuilding.

Who is EODD best for?
EODD is best for someone who has tried more ‘conventional’ ways of dieting but still hasn’t gotten the long-lasting results they want.  It works for both men and women. Endomorph body-types (gain weight quickly) tend to have the best results.

If you are serious about losing weight without having to cut everything from your diet, EODD is a great program for you.

moneyback guarantee every other day dietGuarantee and Refund

John Benson gives you a full 2 months to try out Every Other Day Diet risk free. If you’re not 100% satisfied, you’ll get a full refund no questions asked.  Jon Benson must be pretty confident that his clients will get great results if he’s willing to give you your money back.  Give it a shot,  risk free,  you have nothing to lose!

Where Can I order the Every Other Day Diet?
You can head over to Jon’s site, right here, and get the EODD system.  In a few moments, you’ll be on your way to losing fat while eating Oreo cookies (if you want to).  If you are looking to lose weight and get a body that will make everyone else jealous, check it out now.

Click HERE to grab your copy of the Every Other Day Diet absolutely RISK FREE.

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