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Fat Burning Pills – What’s The Real Deal?

If you’re seeking fast weight loss results, there’s no question that one of the products that you’re checking out as you navigate through your local supplement store is the fat burners.

Fat Burning Pills

Fat burners promise to help increase the rate of weight loss you experience, boost your metabolism, decrease your appetite, and in some cases, even claim to block the absorption of certain nutrients in the body so those calories don’t ‘count’ when you eat them.

But, how much of what you read about fat burning pills is true and how much is just hype?

Let’s take a closer look at this issue and uncover the need-to-know facts to set the record straight.

Fat Burners For Energy
The very first type of fat burning to consider is those that are designed to help increase your energy levels. These fat burners typically are composed of caffeine, green tea extract, or some other CNS stimulant.

In most cases these fat burners will help to enhance your energy level, therefore if that causes you to put in a harder effort with your workout sessions (or just do the workout session in the first place), that can help you reach your goals.

Since energy level is something to drop noticeably when on a low calorie diet, these could be of benefit to you if you’re suffering.

Fat Burners For Nutrient Blocking
The second type of fat burner to consider are those that state that they block the absorption of either dietary fat or carbs consumed thus allowing you to have a higher calorie deficit and therefore burn fat faster.

The important thing to note here is that first, it’s very unlikely that they are going to fully block all absorption of the carbs or fats you consume and secondly, if they are doing this, you’re also not going to be getting in the nutrients from those foods that your body needs.

This means these will just do more harm than they would good.

Fat burners that claim to be carb or fat blockers are best left on the shelves because they really aren’t going to deliver the results that you’re hoping for.

Fat Burners For Metabolic Boosting
Another type of fat burner is the metabolic boosting fat burners. These also typically contain caffeine or green tea extract and may contain other forms of ingredients  such as yohimbe, ephedra, or bitter orange, which is a supposedly safer form of ephedra to use.

While these products may provide a slight boost to your metabolism, keep in mind they won’t have you burning up hundreds of more calories daily.

So if you take them and think that you can forgo eating healthy because your metabolism is running so fast, you are going to be in for a disappointment.

Sure, they may increase fat loss to a small extent, but they are not going to cause you to burn up body fat at any type of accelerated rate.

Your Take Home Message
So your take home message?  Remember that first and foremost, you must get a good diet and workout program in place. If both of those are in order, then some fat burners may provide a few benefits that will allow you to workout harder or stick with your diet better, but they aren’t going to create some type of fat burning magic.

Many people often get so caught up in fat burners that they forget to take care of their diet and if this is the situation at hand, results will not be seen.

Get your diet and workout in place first and then consider using a fat burner to supplement that.



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