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Good Carbs Versus Bad Carbs

 With all the low carb diet fanatics out there, you might think that the only answer to solve your weight loss woes is cutting out carbohydrates completely.

But before you get too hasty and give the bread, cereal, and brown rice the boot from your menu plan, it’s important to take some time to realize the truth about carbohydrates so you can make a more informed decision for yourself about this nutrient.

Let’s take a look at what you should know about good carbs versus bad carbs so that this whole concept becomes that much clearer in your mind.

Good Carbs

Good Carbs
If you choose wisely, carbs can be included in your fat loss diet plan and will support better energy levels, a higher overall metabolic rate (your metabolism has a tendency to crash quickly on ultra low carb diets), and simply put, taste great.

Most people find they get severe food cravings on ultra low carb diets which makes it next to impossible to stick to the diet plan they have set up for themselves.

Good carbohydrates are those that will release more slowly in the body so that your blood sugar levels stay stable, rather than causing you to experience a rapid blood sugar high followed by a rapid blood sugar low (which then only prompts you to eat, you guessed it, more carbs).

Good carbohydrate sources include oats, brown rice, quinoa, barley, sweet potatoes, bran cereals, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables.

Bad Carbs
Bread is a bad carbThat leads us to the talk of bad carbohydrates.  Bad carbohydrates are going to act opposite in the body and rather than promoting steady energy levels, they’re just going to have you crashing and burning, experiencing rapid blood sugar highs followed by lows.

As you reach the low, you’ll reach for more simple carbs to bring the blood sugar levels back up again, causing an ongoing cycle that leaves you taking in hundreds of more calories than you should.

Bad carbohydrates that you do want to avoid include cakes, cookies, white bread, white rice, anything with white flour, processed snack foods, sugary cereals, soda, bagels and so on.

All of these will also not provide nearly the same nutrients to the body that the unprocessed carbs would, therefore will really set you back on your plan.

The Portion Factor
Now, one last factor to remember when it comes to carbohydrates is that you can still get too much of a good thing.  If you are dishing up extra large serving sizes of the good carbs on your plate, you will experience weight gain because of it.

Remember, total calorie intake is what will really determine whether you gain or lose weight, so you must be making sure to monitor your serving sizes.

If you eat too many calories, you will not reach your goals and even good carbohydrates happen to be incredibly easy to overeat in.

So there you have the main points to remember about good versus bad carbohydrates. If you do choose wisely there’s no reason you have to cut this nutrient from your diet, but you do need to be aware of how much you’re consuming.



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