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Green Tea Weight Loss

One of the most controversial, supposedly fat burning beverages in the past few years has been green tea. Many people say that it’s a super drink – that it will dramatically increase your rate of fat loss and is absolutely necessary in any persons diet who is looking to lose fat. So, what’s the truth? Is green tea a fat burning drink? What can it do for you?

Let’s take a closer look at the specific benefits that green tea has to offer so you can see for yourself if this beverage is a must in your fat loss diet plan.

green tea weight loss

Metabolic Increases
The first reason why green tea is smart to include in your diet is because it provides a metabolic boost throughout the day – which increases your total daily calorie expenditure.

While you may not think that the calorie boost from a small cup of tea will be all that significant, you must remember that it all adds up.

Even if you just burn off an extra 25 calories per hour, over the course of the day this equates to 600 calories and allows you to burn off an extra pound of body fat each and every week without any further changes to your diet and workout routine.

Small changes can lead to big results when you look across a longer time period.

Antioxidant Protection
The second reason why green tea is beneficial for those seeking weight loss is because of all the antioxidant protection it has to offer.  If you’re eating a reduced amount of calories to lose weight, you’re probably not taking in as many antioxidants as you would normally. This is simply due to the fact that you aren’t eating as much food.

With less antioxidants, your immune system becomes weaker – which is why it’s important to get the antioxidant boost from drinks like green tea.

By adding green tea to your diet, your immune system will stay stronger, so you can fight off infection and stay feeling well each and every day.

Hunger Control
The next benefit that green tea has to offer is that it will vastly improve your hunger control.  Any time you feel hunger creeping on, have a cup of hot green tea and you’ll find your appetite significantly reduced.

The hot liquid will fill your stomach and calm your hunger pains, so if you’re on a reduced calorie diet, it will help you with your cravings for food.

Just be sure not to add any additional sugar or cream to your green tea however, otherwise you’ll be taking in too many added calories through your beverage consumption.

So as you can see, green tea is definitely a beverage that’s a smart pick for those who are on a diet to lose belly fat.  If you can drink two to three cups per day, you can definitely enhance the results you get and move that much closer to your weight loss goals.


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