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Health Benefits of Raw Honey

raw honey is good for your healthWhy organic? What’s the difference?
Using honey as a natural alternative to processed sweeteners such as corn syrup is a no-brainer. However, most honey produced and sold in supermarkets can be just as bad as the processed stuff. Processed honey is loaded with pesticides and chemicals that come directly from the ways honey manufacturers treat their honey, their bees, and the flowers the bees get their pollen from. Certified organic or “raw” honey is fixes all these problems. To be certified organic, the honey must meet specific guidelines. What this means for you, the consumer, is honey produced without the aid of dangerous pesticides and chemicals and an overall healthier product.

What health benefits can organic honey provide?
Organic honey has many beneficial health effects. First and foremost, honey is much sweeter than sugar meaning you can use less of it to sweeten food. Using less means better management of your  diet. Furthermore, honey contains important antioxidants that help mitigate cell damage from free radicals which might be the reason why honey has been long considered interlinked with youth and beauty. Another reason honey is considered so useful in anti-aging formulas is because it is a natural humectant (meaning it retains water molecules). You’ll often see honey as an ingredient in natural or organic mosturizers. Introducing honey to your diet in small quantities can do wonders for health and beauty and ensuring that your honey is raw, organic honey guarantees that you avoid introducing harmful chemicals and pesticides to your system. 

Where can I get it?
Getting raw honey can be a bit difficult and pricey. The first thing you should make sure is that whatever brand of organic honey you are thinking of purchasing passes all codes and meets all certifications to be called truly organic. To be truly organic not only must the honey be harvested without the aid of chemicals but the flowers the bees pollinate must be free from natural pollutants or pesticides. Organic honey can be found at your local whole foods market or ordered online from the organic bee farms themselves. Prices range $15-$20 per bottle.


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