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Health Benefits of Rosemary

Rosemary can help you lose belly fatWhat is it?
Rosemary, often found in spice or garnish form, is usually an afterthought in terms of important foods. However, this piny, pungent herb is both extremely nutritious and extremely healthy. If you’ve never thought rosemary could be an integral part of improving your long-term health, maybe you should look a little closer at what this wonderful herb can do for you.

 What makes rosemary so healthy?
Rosemary is often used in small amounts because it is so strong both in flavor and aroma. Even in the tiny amounts in which we use it, rosemary is still a good source of vitamins A, C and B6, as well as minerals calcium, iron and manganese. Rosemary has been traditionally used therapeutically to stimulate memory and learning. The flowery herb was placed in the hair or behind the ears of students in Ancient Greece as an aromatic way to stimulate the brain. The reason for rosemary’s long standing tradition as a memory aid comes from its ability to help improve blood flow to all areas of the body including the brain and heart. For this reason, rosemary is also extremely beneficial for the heart and can be benficial in reducing high blood pressure. As an extract or oil, rosemary can be used to treat digestive problems such as heartburn and upset stomach. This wonder-herb helps improve many functions of the human body from brain to heart to stomach. It is powerful in small quantities and can be incorporated into anyone’s diet regimen with ease.

 Buying, picking, and choosing Rosemary.
When looking for rosemary at your local supermarket, you have a few choices. You can buy it fresh, as a dried spice, or as an extract. Rosemary is very herbacious, however, so only a little bit is generally needed. We recommend using fresh rosemary when you can, as the sprightly, leafy herb can add a refreshing accent to any meal. When picking fresh rosemary you should depend on your eyes and your nose. The sprigs of the herb should be a deep, dark green and not yellow, brown, or splotchy. Also, the rosemary itself should be pungent and aromatic. You can tell right away the freshness of the rosemary by its scent.


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