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Health Benefits of Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potato can help you lose belly fatRedefining how we view sweet potatoes
It’s easy to write sweet potatoes off as the potato’s sweeter, orange cousin but sweet potatoes should not be written off so easily. In fact, in terms of long-term health, sweet potatoes should be much more prized than potatoes. They rae far healthier than regular golden potatoes and provide a huge array of health benefits, especially for your heart. 

What health benefits can I get from eating sweet potatoes?
Sweet potatoes are an amazing source for vitamin A and vitamin C. They are also good sources for vitamin E, thiamin, vitamin B6, iron, magnesium, maganese, potassium, and copper.

This orange tuber is absolutely packed with vitamins and nutrients, making it the preferred tuber for the health-conscious. Speaking of its orange hue, one of the distinct things that give it its color is a prized antioxidant called beta-carotene. Beta-carotene, like all antioxidants, helps fight off free radicals that cause cell damage and are linked to both heart disease and cancer. Eating sweet potatoes are extremely good sources for beta-carotene which is why sweet potatoes are listed as strong anti-inflammatories. Just 1 cup of mashed sweet potatoes yields 1,000% (yes, one thousand percent) of the daily value for vitamin A and an abundant amount of beta-carotene. Potatoes have been a staple food in America and across the world for centuries but in order to maintain a healthy future for generations to come, we have to redefine how we view food. Sweet potatoes are a great replacement for yellow potatoes. They are so much healthier than their yellow cousins and should be incorporated into your diet as soon as possible.


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