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How Many Calories in a Kiwi?

calories in a kiwi

How Many Calories in a Kiwi?
The kiwifruit, also known as kiwi is a very unique fruit. It is known for its fuzzy brown outside but the inner sweetness is what makes it so tasty.  It is speculated that the kiwi originated in China, but its seeds have spread all over the world.

For the most part, kiwis are grown in warm climates.  California and New Zealand are two of the world’s largest producers of kiwifruit.  In addition to their great taste, Kiwis have a variety of vitamins and are a low calorie snack. They are a great additive to a fruit salad to provide variety. Kiwis are easy to eat, although there are multiple ways to eat a kiwi.  All you have to do is cut one in half and eat the inside with a spoon.  The other way to eat a kiwi is to simply peel the skin away and enjoy.

kiwi nutrition facts

Nutrition Facts
Keep in mind these figures are based on a medium size kiwi (76g). Kiwis are extremely rich in  both Vitamin C and Vitamin K which are extremely beneficial. They even have as much potassium as bananas which are famous for their potassium levels. Keep in mind that no fruit is the same so a large kiwi (91g) has 56 calories, which is still very low. These figures are based on kiwis without skin which is the common way to eat them .However, some people do eat the skin. Personally, I am not in favor eating something fuzzy so I stick to peeling the fruit.

The Good Stuff About Kiwis

  • Kiwis are low in Saturated Fat, Cholesterol and Sodium
  • They are high in Dietary Fiber and Vitamin E Kiwis are also a good source of  Potassium and Copper
  • Kiwis may help reduce high cholesterol levelsKiwis are a very good source of Vitamin C




The Bad Stuff

  • A large portion of the calories in this food come from sugar
  • If eaten before completely ripe, they can be sore and cause pain to people with sensitive teeth
  • They can have mild laxative effects, because of the high levels of dietary fiber


Do you recommend eating kiwis to lose weight?
I recommend eating kiwis as a healthy, low calorie and delicious snack. They are a quick and easy to eat. They are not like any other fruit and their sweet tangy taste cannot be replaced. However, be careful not to eat too many kiwis because of their high sugar content.  I would not recommend eating more than one kiwi a day even they taste really good. The levels of Vitamin C are as high as oranges which make them a great substitute to mix things up.

How do I burn off the calories from a kiwi?

  • 5 minutes jumping rope
  • walking for 10 minutes
  • 20 minutes of gardening


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