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How Many Calories in an Orange?

calories in an orange

How Many Calories are in an Orange?
Many people consider the orange to be the perfect snack fruit.  I certainly agree.  I mean they’re easy to take with you and they even taste great.  That tangy orange flavor is used in recipes all over the world.  Orange chicken, for example, is a very popular Chinese food dish.

Oranges are full of vitamin C and many other nutrients. The orange is a citrus fruit grown in tropical and subtropical climates. They range in colors from orange to red-orange. Oranges can be eaten anywhere and are often used to create orange juice. The orange has been around for thousands of years with sweet and sour oranges both evolving. Known for their rich source of Vitamin C, oranges or orange juice is often consumed when you have a cold.

calories in an orange

Nutrition Facts
Remember these figures are based on 1 large sized orange of 3”-1/16” diameter. Oranges come in all different shapes and sizes so while a large orange has about 85 calories, a small orange of 2”-3/8” diameter will only have about 45 calories. Oranges are a great source of Vitamin C, Potassium and Dietary Fiber. They are low in Saturated Fat, Cholesterol and Sodium which is extremely important in a healthy diet.




The Good Stuff

  • Oranges are loaded with Vitamin C
  • Also contain potassium which will give you energy while working out or playing sports
  • Oranges contain calcium which is important for strong bones
  • Oranges can decrease the danger of heart disease
  • They are easy to eat and can be taken anywhere
  • Oranges have been shown to possibly lower blood pressure


The Bad Stuff

  • Oranges are high in sugar which you want to avoid as much as possible while dieting
  • Oranges contain acid which can cause pain to people with sensitive teeth
  • You have to peel them which can be messy if you’re on the go


Should I eat Oranges to lose weight?
Oranges are a great snack but should not be consumed more than once a day due to their high sugar concentration. They are the perfect side to any meal and are filled with different vitamins.   Most importantly, oranges contain a very special ingredient called pectin.  Pectin is a type of dietary fiber that is different from fiber in many other foods.

What makes it so much different and of so much higher value is that pectin has been shown to maintain appetite control.  Basically, the fiber in an orange will make you feel more ‘full’ and you’ll eat less at your next meal.  In conclusion, I highly recommend you incorporate an orange a day into your fat loss diet.  Just don’t eat too many..remember, everything in moderation.

How Can I Burn Off the Calories from an Orange?

  • Mow the lawn for 15 minutes
  • Jog for 10 minutes
  • Dance for 20 minutes
  • Power-walk for 20 minutes


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