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How Many Calories in Turkey? Should I Eat Turkey?

slices of turkey

How Many Calories in Turkey?
When I think of turkey, I usually think of Thanksgiving. Well as much as I love eating turkey on Thanksgiving (and this day is no reason to gorge yourself).  I also eat it throughout the year. There’s nothing like a turkey sandwich (although I do not recommend bread very often if trying to lose weight) for lunch or a few slices of turkey as a late afternoon snack. Turkey is usually baked or roasted in the oven. It is sometimes deep fried in the South, but this is extremely unhealthy and I do NOT recommend deep frying anything. Turkey cold cuts are also very popular, easy to find in almost any major supermarket, and a snap to eat on the go.

turkey calories

Nutrition Facts
One slice (3-3.5” square) of turkey contains approximately 22 calories. Keep in mind that slices of turkey can vary in size and thickness. Turkey is a great source of Protein and Selenium. Its low calorie level makes it the perfect snack that leaves you feeling energized and full without having to feel guilty. Turkey is also low in Saturated Fat which is healthy to eat in moderation, but turkey gives your body a break from it. It is also high in Riboflavin and Phosphorus. Turkey is a low carb food that can be helpful in regulating blood sugar. It is also a good source of heart-healthy niacin and vitamin B6.

The Good Stuff About Turkey

  • Turkey is low in Saturated Fat
  • It is a very good source for Protein and Selenium
  • It is a low calorie food

The Bad Stuff About Turkey

  • There is really nothing bad about eating turkey.  It is a lean meat and lean meats are the most healthy.  The only bad thing about turkey is that it has a high content of tryptophan which can make you feel tired.  However, tryptophan is naturally found in our bodies and helps regulate sleep and can even keep you in a better mood.

Should I eat turkey to lose weight?

Turkey is a great food to eat for anyone looking to eat a healthy diet, lose weight or both. Its low calories levels make it the perfect snack that can fill you up. I would not eat turkey more than once a day because of its high Sodium levels. However, this Sodium is naturally in turkey so it is not as bad as eating process sodium.  On the other hand, it is never good to eat too much of anything. Turkey is low in saturated fat. It is also a great source for Protein and Selenium which are important for a healthy diet. So put down that bag of chips and eat a few slices or turkey. You will feel full and know you are having a healthy snack.

How can I burn off the calories from 3 slices of turkey breast (skinless)?

  • Walk briskly for 10 minutes
  • Spend 20 minutes washing your car
  • Jog off that meal for just 5 minutes


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