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How To Check Your Bodyfat %

Checking Body FatOne health stat that you’ll definitely want to make good use of as you work towards your workout and diet program is your body fat percentage. Your body fat percentage is going to tell the complete story about what most people miss by only checking their body weight. With body weight, you can’t really see whether you’re gaining fat or losing fat, but with body fat percentage, you can. This is important because if you start losing muscle mass rather than fat, that’s a sign something is very wrong with your approach and changes will need to be made. Let’s have a quick look at the many ways to check your body fat.

Electronic Scales
The first way some people will check their body fat is by using a hand-held electronic scale.  The problem with this however is that these can be very influenced by factors such as hydration, so they really aren’t going to give an accurate estimate at all. This form of measurement isn’t the best to use and you’re better off avoiding it entirely. All it may do is decrease your motivation if it gives you a wrong number that isn’t in the direction you were hoping for.

The second way that you can measure your body fat is with a pair of skin callipers.  With these you will pinch the skinfolds in a few different places on the body and then plug these numbers into an equation to assess your results. This technique does prove to be much more accurate, however you need to have a trained professional doing the measurements. If you do, then this is a good way to gauge your progress.

The third way that you can get your body fat tested is with a DEXA scan.  This will involve you lying in a machine that scans your entire body and determines which component of it is fat mass and which component is lean tissue. This technique is usually only available in certain hospital locations however, so it’s out of reach for many. If you can get access to one though, it’s by far the most effective technique.

The Mirror
Finally, the last way that you can measure your body fat is simply by looking in the mirror.  While this won’t give you a raw number in terms of how much body fat you have, it will give you a guestimate at which direction you are moving.
Most people can easily assess their own body and see if they’re gaining or losing body fat so this will be much better than standing on a scale. If your clothes are fitting looser and you see more muscle definition, you know you are moving in the right direction. Having your body fat taken is one of the best ways to determine your progress so definitely take the time to look into using one of these techniques.


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