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How To Eat Healthy While You’re Eating Out

As you go about your weight loss diet, there’s going to come a time when eventually you’re going to make a visit to a local sit-down restaurant or fast food venue.

While you can avoid dining out as best as possible, there will be situations that do arise where you really have no choice. Perhaps it’s a friend’s birthday, or a workout lunch that you can’t afford to skip – whatever the case, you will be expected to eat restaurant fare.

If you’ve done any reading at all about eating healthy and maintaining a low calorie diet, then you likely know that restaurant meals can quickly become the death of the well intention diet. Not only are they ultra high in calories, sometimes passing the 1000 calorie mark, but they’re usually often also loaded in saturated fats or sugars.

Understanding how to navigate the restaurant menu can help you fend off the offenders however so that you can get served a reasonably healthy dish that will still help you maintain your diet.

Let’s look at what you should know.

Opt For Salads As Often As Possible
The single most beneficial thing that you can do when dining out is opt for a main entrée salad.  The great thing about salads is that since they aren’t cooked, there’s no way additional butter or sugar can be added to the dish.

Eating Healthy While eating outWhat you see is what you get.  But, this doesn’t mean order off the menu to your heart’s content.  You still must be aware of the biggest salad no-no’s such as too many nuts or dried fruits (while healthy, they are high in calories), croutons, bacon bits, cheese, ramen noodles, or any other high calorie add-on that will increase the total count of your meal.

Instead, opt for mostly vegetable ingredients, requesting all the others be removed. Then be sure to add a lean protein to your salad such as grilled chicken or shrimp and have the dressing on the side.

If you do this, you should walk away without too many calories sitting in your stomach.

Choose Meat Wisely
If you are going to order a cooked entrée, be sure to choose your meat or protein source wisely.  Opt for grilled chicken over breaded, fried, or stuffed, choose small cuts of steak (no one really needs a 9 oz steak in a single meal), and be very careful about ordering fish as often they come in high fat cream sauces.

You definitely do need to get protein in your meal, but you need to think hard which one you choose.

Always Go For Half Orders
Another must-do when dining out is to order half orders as much as possible. This is one fast way to slash the calories in half and really help stick with your diet.

If the restaurant doesn’t offer half orders right on the menu, ask to have half your meal bagged up in a take-home doggie bag first.  This way, you won’t be tempted to keep nibbling as you wait for the server to come around to take your plate away.

Beware Of Your Beverages & Bread
Finally, last but not least, beware of the two ‘B’s', beverages and bread.  Request that the server remove the bread basket from the table when you first get there so you aren’t tempted to dig in and then also always choose calorie free beverages – water or herbal tea being the best options.

Since you are going to likely be taking in a few calories with the meal regardless of what you do, you definitely don’t want beverage calories adding to that.

So there you have the top tips to remember as you go about your fat loss diet plan while eating in a restaurant. If you’re smart in your selection and don’t make restaurant dining a habit, then this shouldn’t hold you back too much from reaching your goals.



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