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How To Lose Belly Fat As Fast As Humanly Possible

If you’re like a lot of people I speak to, you search specifically for “how to lose belly fat” because you’re keen to target fat loss around your stomach and not lose too many of your dimensions around the rest of your body.

Lose Belly Fat

If you’re a girl: you want that firm flat belly, but you don’t necessarily want your breasts to shrink nor your backside to disappear.
If you’re a guy: you want chiseled abs, but at the same time you don’t want to look like a scrawny geek with toothpicks for arms.

And I totally agree! The problem is that most people approach trying to lose belly fat in the wrong way.

Characteristics Of The Perfect Belly
The key to achieving this sexy “fitness model” look is to shed the fat (particularly to lose belly fat) and then replace some of the weight you’ve lost with muscle. In fact, putting on 5 lbs. of muscle can actually create the illusion of you being thinner.

To lose belly fat (& keep your curves in all the right places)…
You cannot decide to lose fat JUST from your belly. If you want to lose belly fat, you either decide to lose fat from everywhere, or lose fat from nowhere.It is entirely possible to lose 18 lbs. in 30 daysover your entire body by combining a bunch of useful tricks involving diet, strategic exercise, supplements, and managing your hormone levels.Some of this fat WILL be coming off your stomach :) .

In fact, you only need to lose 1-2 lbs. of fat from you belly to notice inches of difference in your waistline.Then, the trick to keeping the rest of your body in proportion, and to achieve the bikini-model look, is to put on between 5-9lbs of muscle.

This is important. I don’t want you to waste your energy and time trying to only lose belly fat. It will only lead to frustration. Instead, focus on losing fat over your entire body, and then work on putting on a bit of muscle to regain your curves in all the right places. This is one of the key principles to getting a flat belly!

Five Foods That Burn Belly Fat
Eating 8 Eggs A Day Makes You Skinny
Making small changes to your breakfast habits is one of the first things I teach my clients when they come to me. This article may make for interesting reading if you have avoided eggs in the past, because you thought they raise your cholesterol and had too many calories. If you are able to change your mindset about eggs, you are well on your way to losing that belly of yours.
3 Vegetables That Fight Belly Fat
We get exposed to a number of chemicals on a daily basis as a result of fertilizers, petrochemicals, pesticides, contaminants in our water supply and household cleaning products. One of these chemicals – xenoestrogens – causes hormonal imbalances that lead our body to store belly fat. Read this article to discover the three vegetables that cleanse our blood stream of these contaminants and hence help us lose belly fat faster.
Do energy drinks make you fat?
This is another example of corporate marketing departments feeding us mis-information about the health benefits of their products. The timing of when you consume an energy drink is critical. Take it at the right time and it can help your body burn fat. But take it at the wrong time and you’re in for a nasty surprise the next time you stand on those scales.
Watch this video about the role of Insulin in weight gain (and prepare to be shocked)
This eye-opening presentation will change the way you think about eating forever. Do you think that the only way to lose belly fat is to a) cut your calories and then b) exercise? Think again. Weight loss is actually a lot easier than you might think once you start being smart about it.
Take one day off per week without fail
This isn’t optional. If your goal is to lose belly fat, then one day per week you are allowed to eat whatever you like, and as much of it as you like. Doing this actually plays a very important role in optimizing your metabolism. Has there ever been a better excuse to crack open that ice-cream?

How To Lose Belly Fat Fast
In the last 5 weeks, I have cut from about 190 lbs. to 175 lbs. while gaining about 10 lbs. of lean muscle, which means I’ve lost about 25 lbs. of fat. It’s the only diet I do where I start seeing veins across my stomach, even though I have to lose fat virtually everywhere else on my body before I lose belly fat to any significant extent. Here are the four simple rules I followed:

Rule #1: Stop eating ‘white carbohydrates
Rule #2: Eat the same few meals over and over
Rule #3: Don’t drink your calories
Rule #4: Take one day off per week

Follow these rules and you WILL lose belly fat
Remember, you are actually going to lose fat all over your body. You can’t just target your belly. And while there are no exercises to lose belly fat,  you CAN do certain exercises that reduce the size of your waist. Can you see the difference?

What’s The Fastest I Can Lose Weight?
I’m in the process of building a weight loss calculator that tells you exactly how many pounds you can expect to drop over a specific period of time, based on your current weight and weight loss goals. I find it odd that people still use the BMI method, which I find useless at the best of times. Not only is it inaccurate, but it doesn’t even tell you the main thing you need to know – what’s your ideal weight, how long is it going to take to reach that weight, and what’s the best way of dropping the weight. I’ll keep you posted. In the near future I’m going to be launching the Flat Belly Challenge, which is going to be the definitive program on how to lose belly fat


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