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Pros & Cons Of Having A Personal Trainer

Pros and ConsIf you’re getting ready to get started with your fitness routine, one thing that you very well might be considering is investing in a personal trainer. Having a personal trainer by your side to guide you as you move throughout your workouts can definitely prove to offer a number of advantages, especially for those who are new to exercise. But that said, if you don’t choose a personal trainer correctly or aren’t the right match with your trainer personality-wise, working with him or her may actually be detrimental to your progress.

Let’s have a quick look at the main pros and cons with regards to working with a personal trainer.

Pros To Working With A Trainer
First off, let’s look at some of the pros to working with a trainer.  One of the biggest benefits of using a personal trainer is most people will find that this really helps them maintain motivation. When you know that your trainer is counting on you to show up, you’re going to think twice about skipping out on your sessions. To add to this, if you’re new to exercise and don’t quite understand proper form, that trainer will help make sure that you’re executing each exercise perfectly so your risk of injuries goes way down.

A third big advantage to using a trainer is that your chances of plateauing are much lower.  When working out alone there’s a much higher chance that you’ll be doing the same workout over and over again, and when you do this, eventually the body will stop responding. When you’re working with a trainer however, they’ll keep the program changing so that your body keeps making progress.

Finally, the last advantage to using a personal trainer is that they can help you expand your knowledge. They’ll constantly be sharing new techniques and information with you so this really can help you become better educated about fitness so that if you should decide to work on your own down the road, you’re more prepared.

Cons To Working With A Trainer
Looking at the cons side of working with a trainer, first is obviously the cost. Most personal trainers aren’t all that cheap to work with so if you’re having private sessions three times a week, you need to have the budget to accommodate.  One way around this s to book your sessions with a partner as most trainers will offer discounts for group training sessions.

Another con with working with a trainer is depending on the trainer, you may find that your sessions turn into gab-fests more than they do training sessions. If you get talking about life and everything else, you’ll have to question how hard you’re really working. Some trainers tend to be chattier than others, so if you do have one that’s talking a little too much about subjects outside of the workout realm, it may be time to look for another trainer.

Finally, the last con is that some people use their workouts as a way to zone out and de-stress, so if this is you, you may have a harder time doing this when you have a trainer by your side.  A good way to get past this is to have some sessions with your trainer and some where you’re working alone. So there you have the main pros and cons to consider about working with a trainer. It definitely can be one way to take your training to the next level if you choose the right fit and work hard during each session you have together.


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