RushFit Review

Rushfit Review

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If you’ve watched any UFC fights recently, then you’ve probably heard a lot about Georges St-Pierres new workout system, Rushfit. We recently took a look at it here at, so if you’re here because you were looking for more information on RushFit, then you’ve come to the right place.

Georges St-Pierre’s new workout program was created by himself and his trainer Erik Owings. They claim their goal is to bring the type of training that they do to prepare for UFC matches to your home. They claim that it’s an intense and highly effective fat burning program in which you get to follow along with Georges and Erik as they go through their workouts.

RushFit is split up into 8 weeks of circuit training. I am personally a fan of this, as I believe circuit training is one of the best ways to burn fat. Even better, however, is that Rushfit combines strength and endurance training as well into these workouts, so you get all of the benefits of strength, endurance, and weight loss.

The rushfit workouts require no exercise equipment except for a pair of dumbells; which makes it a convenient workout to perform in your own home. It’s not your typical follow along exercise DVD – Rushfit incorporates a lot of fun exercises based off of MMA training that are a lot of fun.

The workouts are only 45 minutes a day, and in eight weeks they claim you will see dramatic changes in your physique and how you feel. People that are beginners, intermediates, or at an advanced fitness level can all gain from the RushFit program, as they have a program for each fitness level. The workouts are designed to progress from beginning to more advanced so beginners need not worry about the workouts being too hard for them.

This workout is not just for men, either, as I’ve been reading a few reviews about the product from some women who have lost quite a bit of weight on the program – one woman in particular talked about how she’s finally gotten rid of her extra baby weight, which is awesome!

Rushfit also comes with a nutrition program, so you don’t have to worry about figuring out what to eat – they tell you exactly what to eat along with the program.

Overall, I think this program is pretty awesome and anyone who is struggling to lose weight or get in better shape can benefit from it. I can tell you from personal experience doing MMA workouts that those workouts have always given me the best results around conditioning and fat loss. And honestly, MMA workouts were also the most fun. They aren’t just lifting weights in a simple progression – you get to do kicks and punches and all sorts of fun, unique exercises as well.

So, is RushFit all it’s cracked up to be? Does it work?

I think you’ll see pretty quickly from the video below that it’s quite effective.

To learn more about RushFit, check out their website