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The Benefits Of Coconut Oil

Benefits of Coconut Oil

One oil that often goes overlooked as so much focus in placed on olive oil is that of coconut oil.  Coconut oil is a unique oil as it’s made up from medium chain triglycerides and these will act slightly differently in the body.

Coconut oil does therefore contain a higher amount of saturated fat than most other oils, which is one reason why some people think that they should stay away from it, but it’s important to realize that this oil is much different than other fat sources high in saturated fat, so this isn’t the case at all.

Let’s have a quick look at the benefits of coconut oil so it becomes clearer why you should add it to your day.

The Effect Of Medium Chain Triglycerides
The first thing to note about coconut oil is that these medium chain triglycerides are different from other fats in that they can be readily used up as a source of energy by the body. With most fats, they have to go through a heavy break-down process first before being used for energy and even then, all glucose present in the system will be used up first.

This makes coconut oil a good choice for those who are on lower carb diets but who do want to maintain more intense forms of exercise since the muscles can use them for fuel more easily.

Bacteria Fighting Protection
The next big benefit of coconut oil is that it contains lauric acid, and this acid is going to help to fight off a variety of different bacteria, such as the ones that are responsible for herpes, influenza, and HIV.

By including this acid in your diet you can help promote greater overall wellness and reduce the risk of catching the common cold.

Provides Immune Support
Coconut oil will also help to enhance your immune system, which is especially important for those who are engaging in regular workout sessions since each workout you do is going to impact your immune system.

If you’re training very hard in the gym, eventually this will start to wear on the body and you may find you get ill a lot more often.

This is due to the immune system weakening and you not having enough reserves to fight off infection.

By adding coconut oil to your diet, you’ll help prevent this.

Bone Strength
Finally, coconut oil can also help to promote higher degrees of bone strength, so that’s yet another good reason to include it in your diet.

Especially those who don’t eat a lot of dairy products will definitely want to add coconut oil to their menu as they may not be getting enough calcium on a regular basis.

Keeping your bones strong will be vital to long-term health and maintaining physical activity for the years to come, so don’t overlook this.

So there you have the main factors to keep in mind regarding the health benefits of coconut oil.  While you definitely shouldn’t exclude olive oil in favour of coconut oil, finding a good balance between the two will help promote optimal health.


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