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What is The Diet Solution Program?

The Diet Solution Program is one of the most popular ‘diet’ programs available today.  Thousands of people have had success with the program but it was a close friend of mine who convinced me to give it a try and write a review.

First, I want to point out that it’s not some diet that you stay on for 2 weeks and soon gain all the weight back in 3 days.  The Diet Solution Program will change the way you look at food and exercise.  It’s a lifestyle nutrition plan that if followed closely, will improve your overall health.  If you follow the steps provided by Isabel, you will certainly lose weight and burn fat.   I know I certainly did.

While I did lose weight on The Diet Solution Program, it is not all about weight-loss.  You see, everyone has a different type of metabolism.  If you can find  the right foods for your type of metabolism, you can recover from or totally eliminate many common health problems such as diabetes symptoms, high blood pressure, and even bad skin.  I don’t have diabetes so I’m not sure if it really works for that, but I did notice that my skin cleared up and I had more energy in the mornings while I was on the program.

Who is Isabel De Los Rios?

Isabel De Los Rios is a certified nutritionist and exercise specialist who has already helped over 25,000 people all over the world lose weight, regain their health, and make a permanent change in their lives.  She owns New Body, a very popular fitness and nutrition center in New Jersey.  She claims to use a cutting edge approach to diet and fitness that will not only make you look great, but feel great inside as well.  Let’s see if if the Diet Solution Program delivers what it promises…

Does The Diet Solution Program Work?

Like any diet or exercise program, the results will vary from person to person and depend on how closely you follow the program.  Like I’ve said, this is not a crash diet but you can expect to lose about 1-3lbs. of fat per week.  If you follow exactly what The Diet Solution Program says, you’ll start seeing results after the first week or so and your results will last.  I noticed that I was consistently losing about 2 lbs. per week for the first 3 weeks, but as soon as I went back to my ‘old foods’ I stopped losing fat almost immediately.  Here is a before and after picture of Diet Solution Plan creator Isabel De Los Rios after her transformation.

isabel de los rios before and after the diet solution program

Who is The Diet Solution Program best for?

The Diet Solution Program is perfect for anyone who has struggled with their weight or with excess body fat.  What makes this program so unique is that it is customized to each individual so both men and women of any age can achieve great results.  I must warn you, this is NOT a crash diet so if you are looking to lose 20lbs. before this weekend, this is not for you.  However, if you are serious about losing weight, burning fat, and are ready to change your eating habits. The Diet Solution Program will certainly work for you.

What I Don’t Like About The Diet Solution Program

  • I’m not a vegetarian but a program this popular should provide meal plans for vegetarians or vegans
  • It’s not a quick fix. I barely noticed anything in the first few days, so if you need to squeeze into an outfit this weekend, the Diet Solution Program is not for you. However if you are looking for long-lasting results, you’ll start seeing improvement in about 3 weeks.
  • Some of the foods she recommends can be expensive but she provides many recipes so I could always find a less expensive alternative.

What I like about The Diet Solution Program:

  • Not a one-sized fits all approach; customized meal program specifically for your body type.  I learned I was a protein type and my meal plan was customized for me.
  • It wasn’t a huge adjustment to start eating according to The Diet Solution Program.
  • I was encouraged to eat high-quality protein at almost every meal.  Protein helps maintain muscle and reduce food cravings.  I was NEVER hungry on this program.
  • I’m a picky eater and could always find something tasty and healthy to make from one of the Diet Solution Program recipes.  Also, no foods are totally forbidden!
  • I didn’t have to count calories or keep track of any silly ‘points’
  • It encouraged me to drink more water each day.  I learned that water will reduce your hunger and detoxify your body
  • The recipes are easy to cook, so I always had time to make a healthy meal even when I was in a hurry.
  • I had a question about whether I could still eat energy bars on the program and I emailed Isabel, and got a response just a few hours later.  The customer service is great and will help you with any questions you may have for as long as you own the program

the diet solution program by isabel de los rios

What Comes With The Diet Solution Program?

  • When you order The Diet Solution, you’ll get: A 180-page fat burning manual
  • A bundle of quality ebooks such as Metabolism Type Test, Success Journal, Shopping Guide, Completely Done-For-You Mealplans, Quick Start Guide, Top Ten Nutrition Mistakes, and a HUGE recipe book
  • A 60 day 100% money back guarantee!!


guarantee for the diet solution program

Guarantee and Refund

Isabel believes in The Diet Solution Program so much that she will let you try the program absolutely risk free for 60 days.  She must be pretty confident that her clients will be successful if she’s willing to give us our money back.  If you are not completely satisfied with her program, you will get 100% of your money back no questions asked.

Where Can I Order Isabel’s Book?

You can head over to Isabel’s site, right HERE, and grab your copy of The Diet Solution Program.  If you’re looking to get rid of excess body fat once and for all, this nutrition and healthy lifestyle plan will get you there.

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