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Timing Your Carbs For Optimum Fat Loss

Timing CarbsOne place where many people go wrong with their approach to fat loss is assuming that they should be cutting out all carbohydrates from their diet plan.  While it’s true that reduced carb diets can definitely help you move along with your goals, there’s no need to eliminate carbohydrates entirely.

If you’re choosing the right type of carbohydrates in your diet plan, they can provide a much needed source of energy for those intense workouts and help to keep your metabolism revved over time. The key is making sure that you’re consuming the right amount of carbohydrates in the diet as this is what will factor in to whether or not you’re meeting your total calorie intake for the day. Once you have that in place, then you can take things one step further and perfect carb timing to really make the most of them.

Let’s have a quick look at what you need to know.

When To Eat Complex Carbohydrates
The first thing to address is when you should be eating your complex carbohydrates.  This would include foods such as oats, brown rice, quinoa, whole grain breads, whole wheat pasta, as well as sweet potatoes.  These are the ‘energy dense’ foods that you’ll be including in your diet.

For best results, you want to place these during the time when the muscles are most likely to need that additional energy – in the morning and right before and after your workout session. By feeding the body these at that point in time, you can guarantee that they will be used for fuel, rather than converted to your body fat stores.

When To Eat Fibrous Carbohydrates
Then, later on in the day when you’re becoming less active and are more sedentary, you can shift the focus over to fibrous sources of vegetables that contain very few calories and starch.

Since these are so high in volume but low in calorie, they’re perfect for calming your appetite without providing you with an overabundance of energy that you likely won’t use.

This allows you to keep burning off body fat late into the evening so that you move one step closer to your goals.

The Exception To The Rule
Now, the one exception to this rule will be if you’re exercising in the evening hours.  This is where many people get confused because they know they should start cutting out the higher calorie carbs at this point, but then they also know the muscles need them at this point in time.
So what’s the solution?

Add them back in.  At this point the priority of making sure your muscles have the energy to exercise properly takes precedence over the goal to keep burning fat so you must make sure that you eat them.

But, that said, since you do still have to maintain a proper balance over the course of the day, this means that you should aim to cut back on carbohydrates earlier on.

Essentially, you’re shifting your intake to reverse.  Have complex carbs at breakfast and then choose fibrous carbs throughout the lunch period and afternoon.  Then switch back to complex carbs before dinner and right after for your post-workout meal and you’ll be all set.
So there you have the important things to note about proper carb timing. If you get this right on your diet, you definitely can have your carbs and continue to see great fat loss results.


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