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Top Workout Myths

Workout MythsAs you get started with your workout program, there are a number of workout myths that you should be keeping in mind to ensure that you don’t fall for them and then fail to see results because of it. Many people are completely unaware of some of the major mistakes they’re making with their workout program and then question why they aren’t moving in the direction they had hoped.

By taking the time to learn the major workout myths that tend to come about, you can be sure that you steer clear of them so you can continue on the right path to success.

Let’s take a look at some of the main ones to know.

Light Weight Lifting Is Best For Fat Loss
The very first thing that you should note is that heavy lifting is what you want to be doing, not the lightweight lifting that so many people choose to do.

Many often think that lightweight lifting will increase the total calorie burn from the workout and while this may be true, it’s also going to send a strong signal to your body that you don’t necessarily have to maintain that lean muscle mass.

Since you don’t require as much strength, it can get away with less.  When dieting, your main mission is to maintain lean muscle mass, and heavy lifting is what will accomplish this.

Empty Stomach Cardio Is Always Superior
The second workout myth is that performing cardio on an empty stomach will always be superior to eating first. While this can be a good strategy to help reduce body fat, you have to weigh the pros and cons.

First, you will not be able to do high intensity interval training without eating beforehand as the body requires glucose to perform these. Second, many people find they experience very low blood sugar without eating first and this can really take away with how well you perform the cardio even if it is moderate intensity.

For this reason, you need to factor into what type of cardio you want to do and how you feel without eating when doing it. That will tell you whether or not empty stomach cardio is a wise move.

Body Part Splits Are A Great Way To Build Muscle
The next myth that many people fall for is that body part splits are great for mass building.  They’ll go into the gym and work the chest one day, the legs the next, shoulders after that, back the following, and then finish up with an arms day.

This is unfortunately not the best strategy because you simply require more frequency to see good mass gains being made.
Aim to work each muscle group no less than twice per week using a full body workout or an upper/lower split.  That is what will get you on track to success.

So there you have three of the main workout myths that you could be falling for. If you’re making any of these critical errors, it’s time to have a look at your program and make some changes.


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