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What is Creatine?

What is Creatine?
Creatine is a naturally occurring substance in the body that, when taken in supplement form, can help enhance your workout. Creatine is mainly used to tone up and gain muscle. It is not recommended for those looking to lose weight.

Creatine and Health

How does Creatine work?
Creatine works by turning into creatine phosphate after ingestion, which then helps in the creation of adenoside phosphate or ATP1. ATP, in turn, provides the energy used in muscle training and workout regiments.Creatine is known to produce greater bursts of energy in high intensity activities such as weight- lifting and running. This makes Creatine an ideal, multi-purpose supplement that can be used to enhance your workout routine. The extra cache of energy needed to pump out extra reps or run the extra mile or push through those last few laps, is invaluable when looking to sculpt your ideal body. However, like most drugs and supplements, if abused or used incorrectly, Creatine can do harm to your body.

Where can I get it and How do I use it properly?
Creatine supplements are the best selling and most popular form of supplements available and getting it is easy. It can be bought over the counter or online at any supplement retailer. However, with it being so popular, it helps to be informed as to which brands are effective, which brands are ineffective, and which attempt to prey on misinformation.

Creatine supplements usually come in 3 distinct forms:Pure Creatine – 100% pure creatine monohydrate comes in white powder form. It has no taste, flavor, or odor and can be mixed with water or juice. We recommend mixing it with a juice (not citrus-based) as it promotes ATP production.

Pre-mixed Creatine and Sugar – These pre-mixed powders are effective in transporting the creatine into your system. Mix these in water, juice is not needed as the sugar provides the necessary carbohydrates that promote creatine absorption and ATP production. Be warned however, that the high sugar volume of these pre-mixed powders also means very high calorie counts. Be sure to keep an eye on your calorie intake!

Pre-mixed Creatine and Insulin – These, like the Creatine mixed with Sugar powders, attempt to promote creatine absorption and ATP production. This supplement, however, differs from its counter-part in that it does so without the extremely high calorie count. Mix these powders in with plenty of water.

As with any supplement, when taking Creatine diet and exercise are key. Creatine is not a wonder-drug. It does not generate muscle all on its own. Make sure you work out regularly eat good, nutritious food, and drink lots of water. This last part is especially important as Creatine is sometimes linked with kidney damage. Taking Creatine with lots of water helps reduce the risk of kidney damage. Also, taking Creatine with other kidney damaging medications such as ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin), cyclosporine, or neopraxen (Aleve, Anaprox) will increase kidney damage risk.


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